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Schedule of Events will be updated regularly. Some dates may be subject to change. Please email directly with questions about registration or scheduling for your group.

2022 Trainings

eCPR for Life and the National Empowerment Center have applied for AASVB-RACE approval for these programs to be able to proudly offer CE credits to our licensed Veterinarians.

EmotionalCPR with the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, July 15-17 2022

EmotionalCPR for MentorVet Mentors July-August 2022, Dates TBD, Virtual

EmotionalCPR for Life - February 18-19-20, 2022. 9am-1pm PST for a total of 12 hours across three days of training. Completed!


eCPR for Life - Peace for the Holidays. Help for the Holiday Hustle!

October 15, 16, 17, Friday-Sunday, 9am-1pm PST daily online via Zoom.


    "We all know what it's like - euthanasias sky-rocket, emergencies from chocolate ingestion to pancreatitis clog our lobbies, colics in the midst of holiday dinners, and financial strain at the end of the year. Family stresses in small spaces, staff out ill or on holiday, you just can't catch a break! The emotional stress and strain is ubiquitous - from technicians to veterinarians to managers. But we can get through it together, by listening - to our colleagues AND our clients. Learn how, in this experiential training! Find some peace this holiday season and feel prepared to help yourself AND your staff through the holiday hustle!"

In the event a training does not fill, seats will be opened to the general public prior to the start date. If a course is cancelled, your registration will be refunded or applied to a future class.

eCPR is an experiential training, and your participation is required for a successful event. Groups safety is paramount, open dialogue is encouraged, and embodied listening skills are developed through real-plays.

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