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Emotional CPR

Be Present. Feel Heard.

Do you ever feel like you're sharing something important and the person you're with isn't fully present? Maybe they're distracted by their phone, offering you advice, or telling you what they would do based on their story?

Have you been emotionally overwhelmed and stuck in your head?

Have you felt unsure of how to be with someone in distress and how to stay with the discomfort?

Most people don't want or need to be FIXED, they need to be HEARD. This is true for our friends, family members, colleagues and coworkers, clients, peers, and fellow human strangers.

Through the three-step process of Connect, emPower and Revitalize, eCPR provides experiential training for embodied listening skills and crisis intervention.

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Support Group Meeting


Happy Ice Cream Eaters


The Connecting process involves deepening listening skills, practicing presence, and creating safety.

Understand how to feel empowered and how to assist others to feel more hopeful and engaged in life.

Re-engage in relationships with loved ones or a support system, resume regular routines that support health and wellness. Feel energized and revitalized in the healing process.

Why should I enroll myself or my group in eCPR Training?

eCPR is a public health educational program designed by persons with a lived experience of recovery from trauma or mental health challenges to teach people of all backgrounds and professions to assist others through emotional crisis. Emotional crisis is a universal experience.

eCPR has been taught globally for over a decade, is evidence-based, and has been facilitated in human healthcare, veterinary medicine, criminal justice/police groups, social work and peer-assistance groups, general public, and more. CEUs are available for many professions. The training is applicable to ALL backgrounds and experience levels. In addition to saving lives, eCPR becomes a way of life.

Explore the Site, and Reach out with Questions or to Book a Training.

Be Present.

Feel Heard.


Phone/VM: 707-738-7110

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