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Left2Left.org is a new construct in progress. Left2Left was born of the need for truly embodied and heart-aligned leadership and communication, education, and resources, for the veterinary profession and beyond. L2L's "Why" is to challenge people's limiting beliefs, to provide resources, training, and education on multi-disciplinary topics that develop emotionally and physically healthy and connected individuals, teams, and communities, creating positive ripple effects based on inner strength and united values. When we connect in a hug left-to-left our hearts are aligned, creating a high-vibration energetic connection. Left-to-left is also a nod to my equestrian background, where riders pass left shoulder to left shoulder to maintain order in a multi-directional situation.

-"Without order nothing can exist. Without chaos, nothing can evolve."

What is eCPR and why do Veterinarians need eCPR training? Watch the video at right to learn more about eCPR with Dr. Daniel Fisher, and see my interview above about eCPR and why the Veterinary industry needs this education.

I am available for eCPR sessions, articles, and more. Please reach out of you have any questions or would like to learn more. Together we can make a change for veterinary professionals everywhere.

As a current enrollee in the University of Tennessee Veterinary Human Support Certificate, educational topics may also include The Link between human and animal violence, animal-assisted interventions, compassion fatigue and burn-out, emotional intelligence, neurology and behavior, hoarding, and more. Ultimately, I feel these topics should be required education in the veterinary schools, to better prepare students for encounters and reporting in the profession.  These resources also need to be readily available for graduates new and experienced to better understand and cope with our unique professional challenges.

Additional articles on eCPR and the Veterinary Profession


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